This month’s article is a memorial for a very influential figure in the field of internal arts and medicine. Dr. Effie Chow was a very accomplished practitioner of Qigong and she did a lot of work to spread the teachings of Qigong in America. Her list of accomplishments is truly too long to list in full but a few highlights include her appointment to the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy. She also worked with the California Government to create acupuncture license laws. Effie also opened a school in California where she taught Qigong, and even became a part of the Kung Fu Magazine team, being made the cover of an issue focusing on the healing properties of Qigong. Effie started a worldwide network of Qigong practitioners that would meet annually for a conference on Qigong and she was always working tirelessly to make sure the conferences ran smoothly. She was a pioneer for Qigong in the US, and she worked hard to build good connections and help people all over the world.

Here is a link to the full article from Kung Fu Magazine: