This months article is about a martial artist and author named Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming, and his most recent book titled Grand Qigong Circulation. Dr. Yang was originally trained in White Crane Kung Fu, Dr. Yang unfortunately could not learn everything his master had to teach before his master passed. After losing his master Dr. Yang felt lost, until he began writing about all he had learned. Dr. Yang learned as he wrote expanded on the teachings of his master, and eventually came to develop an interest in Qigong. Dr. Yang was criticized for his writing because he wrote his books in English, which was very uncommon for the time. Dr. Yang believed that sharing his knowledge with the world will ensure it is not lost or forgotten.  

Dr. Yang’s newest book is the last of five books that deal with understanding and developing the mysterious art of qigong. Dr. Yang said in his interview that it would be necessary to have read his previous books to understand the newest volume, but Grand Qigong Circulation would provide a much better insight to ‘traditional Chinese spiritual cultivation’ and help readers improve their own physical and spiritual health.

This article gives readers a great insight into the mind of an incredibly influential martial artist and provides a frame of reference when it comes to the very popular yet mysterious art of qigong. The full article along with and interview with Dr. Yang can be found here: