Hi AMAI family!

This month, we have a few events and other announcements for all students!

Starting off with our specials:

We are currently having a Summer blowout sale! All t-shirts are $5 off and masks are 25% off through the end of next week. Make sure to stop by to get a new shirt or mask while the sale lasts! 

We are also doing a Paid In Full special this month. For Kids, Teens, and Adult students, we have a 12 month option where you pay for the year in advance and get one month free. This month, if you pay for 6 months in advance, you can get half of a month for free.  

In addition to our specials, we have 3 main events in September:

September 17th from 6-7PM: Board Breaking Seminar! Learn how to break boards during this hour seminar. $20 includes 2 boards to break at the end of the night. For $5 each, you can purchase extra boards to be broken.
September 20th-25th: Buddy Week! Bring a friend in for a free class for all kids and teens classes. In addition to martial arts, we will be playing games and having extra challenges.
September 24th from 6-9PM: Crime Busters Parents’ Night Out! Scooby Doo themed games and activities all night for $30. We will provide pizza and drinks.

If you want to register for any of these events or have questions about the specials, give us a call (302)-834-4060 or stop by the front desk!