This month’s movie is the 1984 action/drama “The Eight Diagram Pole Fighter”. The movie focuses on a family of martial artists named the Yangs. The father of the Yang Family and six of his eight sons are killed after being betrayed by a local leader. One of the Yang sons returns home with PTSD and so the Yang mother and two sisters begin to mourn. The other surviving Yang son leaves and goes to a nearby temple to become a monk. After being rejected by the monastery the Yang son earns the abbots respect. Eventually, the traitors learn of the surviving Yang son and it takes the Yang family to defeat the traitors. The movie has quite a complex story and it is definitely one of the more violent movies we have discussed. The movie has not been rated but it most definitely fits in with the other R-rated martial arts movies we have discussed due to its violence, gore, and intense/frightening scenes. As for the martial arts, the movie doesn’t exaggerate to a ridiculous degree and it has some incredible choreography. For those reasons, I’ve given it a 4.5/5. This movie is much more dramatic than many others so if you’re looking for a much more serious Kung fu film, this is your movie!