Eagle Style Facts
Eagle Style is among the oldest and complex of the Northern animal style martial arts. It is an animal imitative style. The imitation develops from the spirit and attacking movements of the Eagle. It focuses on imitating the way the eagle grabs and clasps, the way the eagle swings its wings. It combines techniques in Shaolin kung-fu with movements that resemble the behavior of an eagle on the hunt. Movements focus on clawing, grasping, pinching, and grappling. The style is known for joint locks and takedowns.


Other Info

The style is normally attributed to the famous patriotic Song Dynasty General Yue Fei (Depicted in the middle image). Popular legends states that he learned martial arts from a Shaolin Monk named Zhou Tong and later created Eagle Claw to help his armies combat the invading armies of the Jin Dynasty. It was passed down until the Ming Dynasty. Thus, the style took on long range strikes and aerial jumps.