We are open for in-person classes!
We have a limit of 15 students per class - each student gets their own 8x6 foot training area
with proper distancing between & we take an additional 15 minutes between classes to disinfect.
But we also have our Zoom Room up and running to offer all of our classes virtually!

Remote Learning in Bear

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American Martial Arts Institute Wants To Be The Helping Hand You Need During The School Day

As we all get back to a sense of normalcy, there are some things that still haven't fully gotten back to the way they were. Namely, school days can be a little more difficult than they used to be now that class time has shifted to being held online. At American Martial Arts Institute, we've stepped up to offer our guidance and professional supervision during the school day to any family that is already a member of our Martial Arts program. 

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Let Your Child Socialize and Learn in a Safe Space

Since the school year has started to gradually come back into session, many parents have struggled to find a way to make sure that there's a reliable way to make sure online learning is as effective as learning in a classroom. At American Martial Arts Institute, we're happy to help out! For any family already enrolled in our Martial Arts programs, we can offer an alternative to day care in our safe and supervised environment. All you need to do is make sure that your child has all of the tools they need for the school day and we'll maintain structure while they're learning virtually. We're also flexible on what days or hours you pay for - there's no one-size-fits-all package!

Start the School Year Off Right With American Martial Arts Institute

Until schools are back in session full-time, we're here to serve our community with what's needed most. They say it takes a village, so let us be a part! Our Remote Learning classrooms are a great alternative to day care and provide structure, supervision, and support with the same American Martial Arts Institute family you already know and love!

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