This month’s article is centered around the importance of weapons training for any martial artist.

The author starts by comparing the martial artists of old to modern practitioners. Of course, before firearms were invented, the use of bladed and blunt instruments would be absolutely necessary for anyone that wanted to defend themselves, but in modern times many people don’t see the use in training traditional weapons. The author even explains that most people would not walk around holding a full size sharpened Wushu broadsword wherever they go, but the author makes a very good point about how weapons skill translates to the real world. The muscle memory developed in traditional training allows students to use ordinary objects like an umbrella, cane, or even a stick as a substitute for their sword. This gives students more options if they would ever need to defend themselves.

In modern times, weapons training has become more of a display skill rather than a self defense skill, but it is important to remember the roots of weapons training. The author also recommends practicing traditional skills with modern alternatives. Instead of a Butterfly Sword use a pocket knife, for example. Building comfort with a particular weapon will greatly increase your ability to effectively wield any weapon to keep yourself safe. This article provides a very interesting perspective on weapons training that can benefit anyone practicing martial arts. The author provides an outline for training as well as alternative weapons that can be used to train safely. The author is a retired CIA officer and has an extensive law enforcement and martial arts background. If you would like to read the article you can find it here: