This months article focuses more on the philosophy of martial arts and it’s rich fantastical history. The author (Gene Ching) recently too a hiking trip and along the way he found a new meaning to the term “Jianghu” which refers to a lifestyle described in classical martial arts legends and stories. The author goes into great detail outlining the history of Jianghu and how it has adapted over time. In short, the term refers to the solitary life style of a traveling warrior, whether good or bad. The adventures they find themselves on have been told through written stories as well as on film for generations. Many of the films we have discussed in our movie review are based on old martial arts legends. The author does a good job of comparing the culture of martial arts legends to the modern day Marvel and DC superheros which makes the subject much more relatable for all readers.


The author also describes his own experience on his trip and how it has helped his martial arts. The authors philosophy and understanding of Kung fu is something any martial artist can relate to and appreciate. His dedication to the craft and his realistic interpretation of martial legends and myths is very nice to see. I would recommend any modern martial artist check out this article to give you a new understanding and appreciation for the history of martial arts. You can find the article at this link: