This months article is an interview with a comic book artist and CEO where he describes a new series he is preparing to publish. Fa Sheng: Origins is a new comic book that is in the works that centers around a martial arts master named Fa Sheng and his journey throughout martial arts history. The Artist is a practicing martial artist and he said that his practicing has given him insight to how some of the more influential martial artist would have trained and approached martial arts as a whole. The artist specifically mentions the Boxer Uprising (also known as the Boxer Rebellion) which is a very influential piece of martial arts history. It is very rarely discuss in you average history class but as students of Chinese martial arts it is important to know the history of the martial arts. 

The artist mentions a few other historical events and martial artist that will be featured in the comic and is seems like the comic will cover a great deal of martial arts history as well as martial arts legend. There is no official release date for the comic but there are other comic series that are related to Fa Sheng from Immortal Studios. It is also important to note the main character Fa Sheng’s name is actually a Chinese martial arts term that means “Release Shout” and it refers to the yells found in some styles and forms. The full article and information on Fa Sheng’s Publishers can be found at this link: