This months article is based around one of the more controversial topics in martial arts. Dim Mak, otherwise known as ‘The Death Touch’ which is a very commonly portrayed technique across martial arts history. Many legends tell of martial artist that could defeat an opponent with a single touch, or a series of well placed pressure point strikes. In the article the author discusses where these stories may have come from. The author mentions acupuncture and it’s use as a form of alternative medicine. Acupuncture is the practice of using needles in specific places to alter a persons Chi. Chi is believed to be a life energy that flows through the human body. 

Teko - Pressure Point Arts

The author believes that the positive effects of acupuncture could be used to for the opposite. If a martial artist knew of the pressure points on their opponents body they could strike them to hurt their opponent. In a controlled environment pressure points are very effective and they can be used to great effect. The author believes that they are a great teaching tool, but they may not be as effective in the real world. Thick layers of clothes along with the precision required would make pressure points very difficult to use in the real world. The author states that although having knowledge of pressure points is beneficial, relying on them would not be the most effective way to fight.

This is a very interesting article that looks at martial arts history and legends. It also takes those legends and applies them to the modern day. It is a beneficial article for any martial artist and it can be found here: