This months article is a return to the development team for the comic series Fa Sheng: Origins. This Month features an interview with writer Rylend Grant on his experience writing the comic series. Rylend does have some martial arts experience with styles such as Tang Soo Do, Aikido, and Iaido. Although he does not have much experience with Chinese Martial Arts as a practitioner the writer does have plenty of spiritual training which he uses to add depth to his stories. 

The writer also talks about the character Bodhidharma and his role in the story. Bodhidharma was a monk that traveled from India to the Shaolin Temple to learn and observe Shaolin Buddhism. When Bodhidharma got to the Shaolin Temple he saw the monks had become lazy and out of shape. Upset by what he saw, Bodhidharma taught the monks a series of 18 exercises to keep them in shape. These exercises then evolved into what is now known as Shaolin Kung Fu. Bodhidharma is a very important figure in martial arts history and because of this, the writers of ‘Fa Sheng: Origins’ have been very careful about how they portray the Monk. The entire team has done a lot of research and fact checking to make sure the comic is as faithful to the martial arts as possible. It is surely something that can help introduce readers to the history and legends of the martial arts. 

Here is a link to the full interview: