This months article is based on Mashi Tongbei style of Martial Arts. In recent times many styles of martial arts have been forced to adapt to the modern age. This is a challenge than many martial arts stsyems and practitioners have to deal with in a way that doesn’t ruin their traditions and still betters the art. The Biangan techniques of northwest China are no different. many practitioners came together and combined their teachings into a standard set of techniques and exercises. The Mashi TOngbei system has recently gained popularity due to it’s iconic weapon the whip pole. A weapon that many martial artist seem to gravitate towards, the ammount of attention the style has gotten has brought about some issues many martial arts styles encounter in the modern world

Many people try and immitate the style and pass themselves as teachers when they lack the proper training. This article is meant to help readers identify the traits of authentic Mashi Tongbei style. As the style becomes more popular it will be important to recognize the real from the fake, and as martial artists it is important to stay involved in the developing world of traditional martial arts. There will be more information published in the future about the Mashi Tongbei style so be sure to keep an eye out for more in the future. 


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