This months article is an interview with the current Adult Muay Thai division champion Anthony Le. Anthony is the son of legendary Sanshou fighter Cung Le, and he seems to be taking after his father. Anthony currently fights in both Muay Thai and Sanshou leagues and according to his interview he leans more toward Sanshou. Anthony started training at the youg age of four and he has had goals of following his fathers footsteps ever since then. Anthony has competed many times throughout his relatively short career and he is excited to continue training and competing in many different circuts. 

KSF US Open Kungfu & Sanda Challenge: The Kung Fu Evolution - The Madras Tribune

Anthony has stated that he prefers Sanshou over Muay Thai but he also has goals of moving over to MMA in the future. Anthony also talks about the nature of combat sports and the changes it can bring to the people that practice them. Although Anthony has some very impressive family he is more focused on doing his best rather than trying to continue his fathers legacy. Anthony also mentions his fathers legendary Scissor kick and he hints at it’s possible use in his future fights. Anthony has some impressive plans for his future and his carrer should beeatched closely by anyone with an intrest in combat sports.