Teen and Adult Programs

What Martial Arts are taught at AMAI?

At AMAI, we teach the Chinese Martial Arts. The common term for Chinese martial arts is “KUNG-FU” but in China, it is called “WUSHU”. There are hundreds of different styles of “Kung-fu” or “Wushu”. At AMAI, we teach both traditional and modern styles like Shaolin, Chang Quan, Nan Quan, Hsing-i, just to name a few, and animal styles like Tiger, Snake, Eagle, Mantis and more.

Traditional and Contemporary Wushu

Both the Teen and Adult courses focuses on training and drilling martial arts skills around the study of FORMS TRAINING. Our traditional base is rooted in SHAOLIN Kung-fu. Our Contemporary training is based on the teachings of Grandmaster Pan Qing Fu, who is the teacher of our founder, Master Ron Succarotte.

Kung-fu styles to be learned include but not limited to; Tiger Style, Crane Style, Snake Style, Hsing-I, Ba Gua, Nan Quan, Chang Quan and so much more.

Reality Based Training Course

These courses focuses on practical situations and methods of self defense grounded in reality. Nothing flashy or fancy. This is martial arts training with self defense being the priority goal.

Separate Teen and Adult Classes

Adult and Teens have different goals and motivations for training. Just like our Kids Programs, our adult and teen classes train at different times so you can feel comfortable training with your peers.

We specialize in teaching Wushu or Kung-Fu which actually means “acquired skill through hard work”. Every three months, we explore a different style to make your martial arts journey diverse!

The need for self-defense can arise at a moment’s notice. Our studio trains in techniques to:

  • Disable an armed attacker
  • Utilize your environment for offense and defense
  • Subdue an attacker larger than yourself

The best fight is the one you don’t need to have. That’s why our training regimen emphasizes focus and situational awareness, so you can identify and escape trouble before it even happens. American Martial Arts Institute values the safety of our Bear, New Castle and Newark communities first, and so even though our Martial Arts programs will prepare you for a fight, we want to prioritize conflict resolution and de-escalation tactics before physical violence!