Tai Chi

Low Impact Martial Arts for Adults of All Ages

Looking for a martial art or fitness class that is low impact and focuses more on relaxation? AMAI also offers Tai Chi. Tai Chi improves balance, strength, flexibility, circulation, and even memory function. Improve all of these skills in a safe, fun, and low-impact class that will leave your body thanking you.

At AMAI we teach the Yang Style of Tai Chi. The Yang style is the most popular style of tai chi  because of the way it is practiced which is unique from the other styles of tai chi. Yang style consists of slow continuous, soft and circular movements in a flowing form. You will learn individual movements called postures. Putting  postures together in a series is what makes up a FORM. You will begin your Tai Chi journey learning individual postures then basic forms. When you are ready to be challenged more, you will be introduced to new postures and forms. Tai Chi Weapons Forms can also be studied to further challenge your progress and training.

Private Instruction

Learn Tai Chi at your own pace with one of our very affordable Private Training memberships. This allows you to learn at your own pace and on your schedule without the stress of feeling like you will learn at a group pace that is uncomfortable for you.

Group Classes

The benefit of practicing Tai Chi in a group class is that is gives you a chance to see that you are not alone in the expeiances you are having. Group classes allow you to share and explore this art and be exposed to others perspectives of this journey.

Our Group sessions are included with all of our private training memberships. You can also participate exclusively in our group sessions.