This month’s movie review covers the 1978 movie “Heroes of the East” or “Shaolin Challenges Ninja” which is quite an unusual film due to its variety of martial arts. Many Shaw Brothers films focus on duels between martial artists from different schools of Kung Fu, but this movie stands out because it shows a clash of Chinese and Japanese martial arts. The movie follows a young man who married the daughter of a powerful japanese business man. Happy with his arranged marriage he quickly learns that his wife is a student of Japanese Karate and many other Japanese martial arts. He is curious at first but they soon begin to argue about which style is better. They fight various times and the young man wins everytime. After losing repeatedly, his wife goes back to Japan to continue her training, Her instructors are quickly dragged into the conflict and a team of Masters set out to challenge the young man. The movie does an excellent job showcasing the various different weapons and styles of both Chinese and Japanese martial arts. Although the movie is very obviously biased towards Chinese martial arts, the movie shows the cultural differences between Kung Fu and Karate. Portraying both styles respectfully and fairly. I would Highly recommend this movie to anyone with an interest in either Kung Fu or Karate because of its interesting blend of styles and cultures. I do not have any training in Japanese Karate so unfortunately I cannot give a rating for the Karate masters, kung fu was very impressive in the movie and I would give it a 4.5/5 because of its wide range of styles although like I said the movie is very clearly biased. The movie was rated R for its violence, suggestive language, and depiction of alcohol use.