Hello AMAI Family!

In this blog series, we will post reminders of what the students worked on during the previous week. This gives you or your child ideas for how to practice at home between classes. If you need extra help on any movements or sections of the form, talk to your instructor about adding a Private Lesson for one-on-one review, or a Virtual Membership onto your current membership to unlock videos that break down every section of your form and every technique!

Last week was the sixth week of our Fall 2021 Quarter. The Lil Dragons are learning Nan Quan and the BBC students are learning Crane Style. Check out our YouTube channel for form videos to watch in between classes!

Lil’ Dragons: The Lil’ Dragons continued working on their Nan Quan form. Many of them got to try Partner Drills for the first time–these are great to practice at home with a sibling or parent! Try doing sit-ups where one partner sits on/holds the other partner’s feet as they do a sit-up. To do partner push-ups, both partners will do a push-up and then give each other a high five. Switch hands each time! This week’s technique focus was a Tiger Claw. Practice your Tiger Claws at home by using the Big Circle technique to block an imaginary bad guy’s attack, then striking with a super strong Tiger Claw!

BASIC Program: Students in the BASIC program reviewed their Five Stances Form this week, focusing on Section Two. Our technique focuses this week were Crane Stance, Drop Stance, and Snake Creeps Down. This means that we spent a lot of time practicing techniques that challenge your balance. At home, go through your form each day and see if you can stay balanced through the whole thing. Isolate your Snake Creeps Down technique by starting in your crane stance and pushing into a drop stance. Hold each stance for 15 seconds. Challenge yourself to keep your toes pointed for your Crane Stance. 

Kids BBC Program: This week, the Kids BBC students reviewed Sections 1-3 and began learning Section 4 of their Golden Crested Crane form. In our warmups this week, we practiced Block Crunches where students do crunches and throw outside blocks and inside blocks. This is a great way to warm up at home! Try to throw a block every 5 crunches. Repeat until you get to 30 crunches. After you warm up, try to practice as much of the form as you can remember, including all of Section 4. 

Adult/Teen BBC Program: This week, Adult and Teen BBC students reviewed Sections 1-3 of their Golden Crested Crane form. We practiced the Section Three application drills which included defending from a shoulder grab, as well as trying out Sticky Hands sparring with fellow students. At home, you can work with your application drills by shadowboxing on an imaginary opponent and add in other Crane Style moves from your form and with the hand tools we’ve practiced in class. 

Foundation Weapons: In Foundation Weapons class this week, students practiced Sections 1-4 of their 16-Step Straight Sword form. At home, see how much of the form you have memorized, and try to practice each section 5 times before trying the whole form start to finish. Work on your Figure 8s and practice creating a 5-move shadowboxing combo out of the techniques you have learned. 

Advanced Weapons: In Advanced Weapons class this week, students learned Section 4 of their Yin Shao Staff form. Now that you have the whole form, try practicing it 5 times start to finish, then reviewing each section individually at least twice. Work on your flowers and point strikes and try creating a 5-move shadowboxing combo to review your techniques.