Hello AMAI Family!


In this blog series, we will post reminders of what the students worked on during the previous week. This gives you or your child ideas for how to practice at home between classes. If you need extra help on any movements or sections of the form, talk to your instructor about adding a Virtual Membership onto your current membership to unlock videos that break down every section of your form and every technique! As we continue our summer quarter don’t forget to practice your forms and endurance.


Lil’ Dragons:  Lil’ Dragons students warmed up with a series of partner workouts. They focused on the techniques Eagle Jump and their Drop Stance! To help with their Drop Stance parents can hold out their arm at students shoulder height, students should kick their left leg out under their parents arm before bending their support leg for a fun game of Kung Fu Limbo! Keep practicing your eagle form and be ready to show off your Drop Stance!


BASIC Program: Kids BASIC students warmed up with the dodging game. They practiced section 3 of their fighting form, they focused on using their 4 Basic Blocks. Make sure to practice your 4 Basic Blocks to stay ready for your test!

Teen and Adult Basic students began class with an endurance workout. Students reviewed section 3 of their form. They also focused on using their 4 Basic Blocks to defend against a variety of attacks.

Kids BBC Program: Kids BBC students started class with a series of relay races. Students learned section three and their self defense. They focused on strong stances to strengthen section three of their form!


Adult/Teen BBC Program: This week, the Adult and Teen BBC students started off class with a classic endurance workout. They focused on practicing section three of their form. They also worked on neck chin na’s and chokes.


Foundation Weapons: Students in the Foundation section of weapons started off with their staff toss and their kick u off the floor for a fun start to class. The focus was on learning section 4 of their form. Students should practice keeping their shoulders square for their thrusts.


Advanced Weapons: Advanced weapon students warmed up with wrist strengthening exercises. Advanced weapon students focused on learning section 4 of their forms. Students also worked on their coils focusing on keeping their left arm still and using only their right arm to move the weapon.