Hello AMAI Family!
In this blog series we will be posting reminders of what the students worked on the previous week. This could be helpful to make sure you know what you or your child should be working on while at home. If you need extra help on any movements or sections of the form then talk to your instructor about adding A Virtual Membership onto your current membership to unlock videos that breakdown every section of your form and every technique! Don’t forget testing is approaching fast, make sure to sign up for your test and ask if you have any last minute questions!

Lil’ Dragons: 
The Lil’ Dragons worked on the Snake form this week and the techniques we worked on this past week were their ‘Fighting Stance’ and their ‘Belly flop.’ To practice their Fighting stance have students start standing in a casual way, and have a parent step towards them as if they were a bad guy. As a parent approaches students should step back with their right leg and bring their hands up to defend themselves. For the belly flop parents can grab their students shoulders as if they were an attacker. Students should bring their arms up above their head making a big circle before bringing their hands straight down onto their attackers arms breaking their grip. As a Bonus they can bring up their knee to strike their attacker and show off their crane stance! Keep up the good work and don’t forget to practice the form!


BASIC Program: BASIC Program students worked on sections 1 of the Five Stances form! Focus on twisting into a bow stance after the first block to add power to your punch. The techniques that the Basic Students worked on are ‘4 Basic Blocks’ and ‘Bow Stance Punch.’ To practice the 4 basic blocks start in a horse stance and have a parent swing a pillow towards you while you use your blocks to protect yourself!  For the bow stance punch, in a focus stance and step forward with your left foot and drop into a bow stance(make sure your front leg is bent and your back leg is straight). As you drop into your stance bring your hands to your belt in chamber and punch with your right hand. For an added challenge try to knock out 15 push-ups, 30 elbow to knee crunches, and a 45 seconds Horse Stance!


Kids BBC Program: Last week the Kids BBC students practiced sections 1+2+3+4 of the Ferocious Tiger form. Practice the whole form at home at least 10 times before next week! BBC Students can also practice their ‘Inside Blocks’ by starting in a rear cross stance with their left tiger claw out in front of them, bring their right tiger claw up to their ear and swing it around in front of them to block, after wards they block two more times alternating hands. Students should also practice their tiger claw, long arms, and inside crescent kicks BBC Students can also practice their ‘Inward Elbows’ by holding a left side fighting stance and pointing their right elbow out towards their right side, then they swing their elbow around in front of them. Students should also practice their rake, downward backfist, and inward thrust kicks. For an added challenge try to knock out 20 push-ups, 30 elbow to knee crunches, 10 frog leaps, 25 Jumping Jacks and 45 seconds of your Horse Stance!


Adult/Teen BBC Program: Teen and Adult BBC students reviewed sections 1+2 of the Ferocious Tiger form. Practice the application drill you focused on in class! For an added bonus try putting sections 1, 2, and 3 together Try practicing sections 4 at home 10 times before your next class! 


Weapons: Weapons students reviewed combos 1+2+3 of Hook Swords last week and should practice combining all 6 sections of the form. You can also practice shadowboxing over the next week!