Hello AMAI Family!


In this blog series, we will post reminders of what the students worked on during the previous week. This gives you or your child ideas for how to practice at home between classes. If you need extra help on any movements or sections of the form, talk to your instructor about adding a Virtual Membership onto your current membership to unlock videos that break down every section of your form and every technique!


Lil’ Dragons:  Lil’ Dragons students warmed up with animal walks. They focused on the techniques Inside Crescent Kick and their Crane’s Neck. To help with their Inside Crescent Kick parents can stack pillows higher and higher to encourage students to kick as tall as they can. For an added bonus students can hop into their kick to make it a Tornado Kick! Keep practicing your crane form and be ready to show off your Inside Crescent Kicks!


BASIC Program: Kids BASIC students warmed up with a series of partner workouts. They reviewed their Cat Stance and their Line Kicks(Swing Kick, Toe Tap, Inside Crescent, and Outside Crescent Kick). Make sure to work on keeping a consistent rhythm with your line kicks.

Teen and Adult Basic students began class with a classic endurance workout. Students reviewed all of their Five Basic Stances(Bow, Cat, Drop, Crane, and Horse Stances). They focused on staying low in their stances and maintaining balance. Make sure to practice your low stances in your form so you are ready to perform in class.

Kids BBC Program: Kids BBC students started class with a review of their palm strikes and a quick cardio workout. Students reviewed their entire form as well as the self defenses for all four sections. Students also revisited their abduction defense drills.


Adult/Teen BBC Program: This week, the Adult and Teen BBC students started off class with an endurance workout similar to the endurance portion of their test. They focused on performing their entire form as one cohesive form. They reviewed different Chin Na that are in their form and practiced applying them in the real world.


Foundation Weapons: Students in the Foundation section of weapons practiced their entire form start to finish. The focus was on preparing their forms for performance. Students should continue building shadowboxing combinations as well as practicing their form to prepare for their test.


Advanced Weapons: Advanced weapon students warmed up with their entire form. Advanced weapon students focused on their Figure 8’s as well as the application for the move. Students also worked on their blocks and thrusting with their elbow. Students should build their own shadowboxing combinations as well as practice their form keeping in mind performance details.