Hello AMAI Family!


In this blog series, we will post reminders of what the students worked on during the previous week. This gives you or your child ideas for how to practice at home between classes. If you need extra help on any movements or sections of the form, talk to your instructor about adding a Virtual Membership onto your current membership to unlock videos that break down every section of your form and every technique! Last week was test week! Congratulations to everyone that tested for their new belts!



Lil’ Dragons:  Lil’ Dragons students warmed up with their form. They focused on the techniques X-Block and Hold Back The Wall. To help with their X-Block parents can reach forward attempting to grab students hair. Lil Dragons should make an X with their forearms and push straight up blocking the grab. For an added bonus, they can show off their tiger claws and use their rake to scratch their attackers arm! Keep on practicing and make sure you follow along to learn the next Crane form!


BASIC Program: Kids BASIC students warmed up with an endurance workout. They reviewed each section of their form and then practiced putting them together and performing. They focused on the kicks in section 3, making sure they were strong and stable!

Teen and Adult Basic students also worked on on their entire form focusing on refining each of their basic techniques. They worked on performing all three sections of their form together to prepare for their test. They also worked on their 4 basic blocks to prepare for their test.


Kids, Teens, and Adult BBC Program: These programs tested and did not have class last week. Congratulations to everyone that got a new belt or sash!


Foundational and Advanced Weapons: These students performed their forms at the end of their tests to earn their next star! Congratulations to everyone that got a new star on their belts!