Hello AMAI Family!

In this blog series, we will post reminders of what the students worked on during the previous week. This gives you or your child ideas for how to practice at home between classes. If you need extra help on any movements or sections of the form, talk to your instructor about adding a Virtual Membership onto your current membership to unlock videos that break down every section of your form and every technique!

Last week was the 9th week of our Fall 2021 Quarter. Only two more weeks until testing! Don’t forget to sign up!


Lil’ Dragons:  The Lil’ Dragons worked on Long Arms and Southern Uppercut. Both techniques are actually two strikes! For the long arms, hit down with the back of one hand first, then the second hand swings down with the front of the fist. The southern uppercut is a low block, then swinging up with the biggest uppercut. Help your Lil’ Dragon practice their southern uppercut by reaching in towards their stomach and having them block. Keep up the great work and don’t forget to practice your form this week! 


BASIC Program: Kids Basic students worked on section 1 of the form. They also reviewed the four basic blocks and snap kicks. This week, practice throwing the snap kick and punch at the same time to end in a crane stance with your right knee up. Your goal for this week is to throw the strikes simultaneously and then balance for 5 seconds without setting your foot down. 

Teen and Adult BASIC students continued practicing their Five Stances Form. They practiced section 3 of the form in addition to the cat stance flash palm and palm strikes. For cat stances, 90% of your weight should be on the back leg while only 10% on your front leg. Practice picking up your front leg without losing balance.

Kids BBC Program: As test week gets closer, BBC students are reviewing and practicing the whole crane form. They also practiced the self defense from sections 1 and 2. The section 1 self defense is from a double shoulder grab from behind. Students can use the first two moves in the form to hit with crane beaks to the shoulders, then brushing down with crane wings. Keep practicing the form for the next few weeks and don’t forget to sign up for belt testing!


Adult/Teen BBC Program: This week, the Adult and Teen BBC students focused on sections 1 and 2 of the Golden Crested Crane form. We also did One Step with crane style techniques. Remember when blocking any attack, your first move should be to ‘get off the tracks’ as the instructors say, or to move out of the way. As you move, don’t forget to get both hands up and block for extra insurance.   


Foundation Weapons: In Foundation Weapons class this week, students reviewed sections 3 and 4 of the 16-Step Straight Sword Form. They also worked on shadowboxing and moving around obstacles. Keep practicing shadowboxing by doing five move combinations at home.  

Advanced Weapons: In Advanced Weapons class this week, students reviewed sections 1 through 4 of the Yin Shao Staff Form. Performance of the form was the main focus. They also reviewed a few foundation techniques, forward flowers and reverse flowers. Keep practicing the form and shadowboxing to get ready for test week!