Hello AMAI Family!


In this blog series, we will post reminders of what the students worked on during the previous week. This gives you or your child ideas for how to practice at home between classes. If you need extra help on any movements or sections of the form, talk to your instructor about adding a Virtual Membership onto your current membership to unlock videos that break down every section of your form and every technique!


Lil’ Dragons:  Lil’ Dragons students warmed up with partners. They focused on the techniques High Block Tiger Claw and Three Scratches. To help with their High Block Tiger Claw, parents can swing a pillow straight down and students should use their right arm to block up high and their left hand should tiger claw straight ahead to send the bad guy flying! Keep on practicing your form with the words to get ready for test week!


BASIC Program: Kids BASIC students warmed up with the dodging game. They reviewed all of their Basic Blocks, as well as all the techniques from section 3. They focused on the third section of their form making sure they held their fighting stance while they turn around to change directions.

Teen and Adult Basic students also worked on section 3 of their fighting form focusing on speed and power with their kicks. They worked on their 4 Basic Blocks to prepare for the technique portion of their test. They also worked on blocking and countering strikes.


Kids BBC Program: Kids BBC students started class by running through their full form. Students worked on their self defense applications from sections three and four of the form. Students focused on their abduction defense, learning how to manage distance using Thrust Kicks and Lunge Kicks to keep bad guys away. Keep practicing your form to prepare for testing!


Adult/Teen BBC Program: This week, the Adult and Teen BBC students warmed up by preparing for the endurance portion of their test and then practiced putting together all 4 sections of their Nan Quan form. They applied Nan Quan techniques from their form and practiced applying them in real world scenarios. As well as their one step.


Foundation Weapons: Students in the Foundation section of weapons warmed up with their big and small room clears. The focus was on training combinations their basic techniques. Now that students have learned the form, the focus was on keeping their eyes on their target.


Advanced Weapons: Advanced weapon students warmed up with rolls and Jumping Side Thrust Kicks. Like the foundation weapon students, they worked on their basic techniques to prepare for testing. Advanced weapon students are working cohesive combinations and keeping their eyes on their targets.